famous people named: angie F

Angie Akers, American Professional Beach Volleyball Player
Angie Aparo, American Musician And Songwriter
Angie Bainbridge, Australian Freestyle Swimmer And Olympian
Angie Best, English Former Playmate And Model
Angie Bonino, Peruvian Artist And Graphic Designer
Angie Bradburn, American Former High Jumper
Angie Bray, Conservative Party Politician
Angie Braziel (born 1976) Retired Women's National Basketball Association Player
Angie Brooks, Liberian Diplomat And Jurist
Angie Brown, British Female Singer And Songwriter
Angie Cepeda (born 1974), Colombian Actress
Angie Cheung, Chinese Malaysian Actress
Angie Chiu (born 1954), Hong Kong Is An Actress
Angie Coiro, American Host Personality
Angie Cruz, American-dominican Novelist
Angie Diaz, Australian Actress
Angie Dickinson (born 1931) American Actress
Angie Everhart, American Actress And Former Fashion Model
Angie Greaves, British Radio Presenter
Angie Harmon, American Actress And Fashion Model
Angie Hart, Australian Pop Singer, Lead Vocalist
Angie Heffernan, Fijian Human Rights And Democracy Activist
Angie Le Mar, British Comedian, Actress, Writer, Director And Writer
Angie Loy, American Field Hockey Player
Angie Martinez, American Radio And Television Personality
Angie Miller (born 1994) American Singer-songwriter
Angie Milliken, Australian Actress
Angie Moretto, Retired Canadian Professional Ice Hockey Player
Angie Motshekga, South African Minister Of Basic Education
Angie Muller, Australian Rules Footballer
Angie Paccione, American Former Legislator
Angie Phillips, Meteorologist For Bbc
Angie Reed (born 1976), American Electronica Vocalist And Multiinstrumentalist
Angie Sage, English Author
Angie Salvagno, American Bodybuilder
Angie Skirving, Australian Field Hockey Player
Angie Stone (angela Laverne Brown), American Singer-songwriter And Record Producer
Angie Tsang, Hong Kong Athlete
Angie Zelter, Political Activist