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This name derives from the Old Norse name Æiríkr > Eiríkr, younger form of “*Aina-rikiaR / *Aiwa-rikiaR”. The name is composed of two elements: “*aina(z) / *aiwa(z)” (always, one, alone) plus “ríkr” (mighty, distinguished). The name means “the one and only, ever powerful”. Although the name was in use in Anglo-Saxon England, its use was reinforced by Scandinavian settlers arriving before the Norman Invasion. It was an uncommon name in England until the middle ages, when it gained popularity, and finally became a common name in the 19th century. In Norway, Sweden and Finland, the name day for Erik and Eirik is on May 18, commemorating the death of Saint Eric of Sweden. Eric IX of Sweden (Erik the Saint, Eric the Holy, † 1160) was king of Sweden from 1150 to 1960, Eric did much to aid Christianity in his realm and was responsible for codifying the laws of his kingdom, which became known as King Eric's Law.

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