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This name derives from Old High German name “Arnoald”, composed of two elements: “*arnu- / *arô” (eagle) and “*waldaʐ” (ruler, might, mighty one, power, powerful one), meaning “powerful as an eagle”. 1) Arnold “Arnoul” of Soissons is a saint of the Roman Catholic Church, the patron saint of hop-pickers and Belgian brewers. Arnold, born in Brabant, the son of a certain Fulbertus was first a career soldier before settling at the Benedictine St. Medard's Abbey, Soissons, France. 2) Arnold of Gascony was the Count of Fézensac and briefly Duke of Gascony in 864. He was the son of Emenon, Count of Périgord, and Sancha, daughter of Sancho Sánchez of Gascony. He made his claim on Gascony on his uncle's death.

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