famous people named: audrey F

Audrey Alloh (born 1987), Ivoiran sprinter
Audrey Arno (1942–2012), German singer
Audrey Bitoni (born 1986), American adult actress and model
Audrey Brown (1913–2005), British athlete
Audrey Dalton (born 1934), irish television and film actress
Audrey De Montigny (born 1985), Canadian singer
Audrey Descouts (born 1980), French fencer
Audrey Emery (1904–1971), American heiress and socialite
Audrey Erskine Lindop (1920–1986), English writer
Audrey Flack (born 1931), American artist
Audrey Gibson (born 1956), Democratic member of the Florida State Senate
Audrey Hepburn (1929–1993), British actress and humanitarian
Audrey Hollander (born 1979), American adult actress and model
Audrey Jones Beck (1924–2003), American art collector and patron
Audrey Landers (born 1956), American actress and singer
Audrey Long (born 1922), American actress
Audrey McLaughlin (born 1936), leader of Canada's New Democratic Party
Audrey Meadows (1922–1996), American actress
Audrey Mestre (1974–2002), French world record-setting freediver
Audrey Munson (1891–1996), American artist's model and film actress
Audrey Niffenegger (born 1963), American writer, artist and academic
Audrey Patterson (1926–1996), first African-American woman to win an Olympic medal
Audrey Richards (1899–1984), British social anthropologist
Audrey Sauret (born 1976), French basketball player
Audrey Tang (born 1981), Taiwanese free software programmer
Audrey Tautou (born 1976), French actress and model
Audrey Thomas (born 1935), Canadian novelist and short story writer
Audrey Vandervelden (born 1954), retired Canadian volleyball player
Audrey Wells (born 1960), American screenwriter, film director, and producer
Audrey Williamson (1926–2010), British athlete