bane M

celtic gallic
(*gʷḗn > *benā > ben) (bān > ban > Bayne) (Bahn > bane > baan)

The origin of this name is still today quite uncertain. The theories include: 1) From Old Irish “ben”, from the Proto-Celtic “*benā”, from the Proto-Indo-European “*gʷḗn”, meaning “fairy woman, nickname for someone with fair hair or a pale complexion”. 2) Alternatively, it could be derived from the surname Bayne, from the Middle English “ban”, from the Old English “bān”, meaning “a bone”, probably of Gaelic origin. 3) From the Dutch-Frisian “baan”, meaning “road, lane, path, (transitive) To make way, clear the road” (From the Middle Low German “bane”, compare with German “Bahn“).

bane M English