famous people named: bertrand M

Bertrand Baguette (born 1986), Belgian Racing Driver
Bertrand Barère (1755–1841), French Politician And Journalist
Bertrand Berry (born 1975), American Football Player
Bertrand Blier, French Director, Actor And Screenwriter
Bertrand Cantat, French Singer And Songwriter
Bertrand Carletti, French Volleyball Player
Bertrand Clausel (1772–1842), Marshal Of France
Bertrand Crasson (born 1971), Belgian Footballer
Bertrand Damaisin (born 1968), French Judoka
Bertrand De Bar-sur-aube, French Poet
Bertrand De Blanchefort, Grand Master Of The Templars
Bertrand De Comps, Grand Master Of The Knights Hospitaller
Bertrand De Thessy, Grand Master Of The Knights Hospitaller
Bertrand Del Poggetto, French Cardinal
Bertrand Delanoë (born 1950), French Politician
Bertrand Des Bordes, French Cardinal
Bertrand Du Guesclin (1320-1380), French Leader
Bertrand Fourcade, French Rugby Player And Coach
Bertrand Gachot (born 1962), Franch-belgian Racing Driver
Bertrand Grospellier, French Poker Player
Bertrand Ii Of Provence, Count Of Provence
Bertrand Lavier, French Architect
Bertrand Of Comminges (1050–1126), Saint And Bishop Of Comminges
Bertrand Of Orleans-braganza, Brazilian Noble
Bertrand Of Toulouse Ii, Count Of Toulouse And Marquis Of Provence
Bertrand Of Toulouse, Marquis Of Provence
Bertrand Russell (1872–1970), British Philosopher, Mathematician And Logician
Bertrand Serlet, Senior Vice President Of Software Engineering At Apple Inc.
Bertrand Tavernier, French Director, Screenwriter, Actor, And Producer