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scottish (gaelic)

Various meanings to the name Brodie and Brody have been advanced, but given the Brodies uncertain origin, and the varying ways Brodie has been pronounced/written, these remain but suppositions. Some of the suggestions that have been advanced as to the meaning of the name Brodie and Brody are: 1) From the Gaelic “brodie”, meaning “ditch, a little ridge, a brow, a precipice”. 2) From the old Irish word “broth”, meaning “ditch, mire”. 3) From the Gaelic word “brothach”, meaning “muddy place”. 4) From the Gaelic word “brodha”, meaning “muddy place”. Clan Brodie is a Scottish clan whose origins are uncertain. The first known Brodie chiefs were the Thanes of Brodie and Dyke in Morayshire. The Brodies were present in several clan conflicts, and during the civil war were ardent covenanters. They resisted involvement in the Jacobite uprisings, and the chief's family later prospered under the British Empire in colonial India.

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