famous people named: carole F

Carole André (born 1953) French Film Actress
Carole Baillien (born 1968), Belgian Actress
Carole Bayer Sager, American Lyricist, Singer And Songwriter
Carole Bishop (born 1944) American Actress And Dancer
Carole Boston Weatherford, American Writer
Carole Bouquet (born 1957) French Actress And Fashion Model
Carole Brana, French Actress
Carole David, Canadian Poet And Novelist
Carole Dekeijser, Belgian Painter
Carole Feuerman, American Artist
Carole Fredericks, American Singer
Carole Freeman, Canadian Politician
Carole Gaessler French Journalist
Carole Gist (born 1969) First African-american Woman To Win The Miss Usa Title
Carole Hayman, English Writer, Screenwriter And Journalist
Carole James, Canadian Politician
Carole Joan Crawford (born 1943), Former Jamaican Model
Carole King (born 1942) American Singer And Songwriter
Carole Landis (1919–1948) American Film And Stage Actress
Carole Laure (born 1951), Canadian Actress, Director, Screenwriter And Producer
Carole Lavallée, Canadian Politician
Carole Lombard (1908–1942) American Actress
Carole Merle, French Alpine Skier
Carole Montillet, French Alpine Skier
Carole Peon, French Triathlete
Carole Poliquin, Canadian Director
Carole Richert (born 1967) French Actress
Carole Rousseau, French Tv Host
Carole Saturno, French Writer
Carole Tennessy First Runner-up Miss France
Carole Théberge, Canadian Politician
Carole Tremblay, Canadian Writer
Carole Vergne, French Fencer
Carole Vinci, Swiss Singer
Carole Zalberg, French Writer