famous people named: charles M

Charles "bubba" Chaney, Louisiana Politician
Charles "buckets" Goldenberg, American All-pro Football Player
Charles A. Ford, American Diplomat
Charles Addams, American Cartoonist
Charles Aznavour, French-armenian Ballad Singer
Charles Barkley, Former Basketball Player And Commentator
Charles Bent, First Governor Of New Mexico Territory
Charles Bowers, American Cartoonist And Early Film-maker
Charles Boyer (1899–1978) French-american Actor
Charles Bradlaugh, British Political Activist And Militant Atheist
Charles Bukowski, American Poet And Novelist
Charles Carroll Of Carrollton († 1832), Maryland Planter And Advocate Of Independence From Gg
Charles Colson, American President Nixon's Chief Counsel
Charles Curtis, 31st American Vice President, Under Herbert Hoover
Charles Dance (born 1946) English Actor, Screenwriter, And Film Director
Charles Daniels (1885–1973), American Freestyle Swimmer
Charles Davis Tillman (1861–1943), Pioneer Of Southern Gospel Music
Charles De Gaulle, French Military Leader And Statesman
Charles Devens, Former American Attorney
Charles Dickens, English Novelist
Charles Dodgson, English Clergyman, Writer And Mathematician
Charles Durning (1923–2012) American Actor
Charles Edward Bennett, American Democratic Congressman From Florida
Charles Evans Hughes, Former American Secretary Of State
Charles Fernando Basílio Da Silva, Brazilian Football Player
Charles Fort, American Writer And Researcher
Charles Francis Adams, Sr., American Congressman And Ambassador
Charles G. Dawes, 30th American Vice President, Under Calvin Coolidge
Charles G. Taylor, Former President Of Liberia
Charles G.d. Roberts, Canadian Poet
Charles Gavin, Brazilian Drummer And Producer
Charles Gibbs, Canadian Politician
Charles Gibson, American Television Journalist
Charles Gray (1928–2000) English Actor
Charles Grodin, American Actor And Talk Show Host
Charles Harding Smith, Irish Politician
Charles Harper (mayor), Australian Politician
Charles Henri Ford, American Poet, Photographer And Writer
Charles Herbert (born 1948) Former American Child Actor
Charles Humphreys, Pennsylvania Delegate To Continental Congress
Charles Ives, American Composer
Charles Joseph Bonaparte, Former U. S. Attorney General
Charles Kuralt, American Television Journalist
Charles L. Grant, American Science-fiction Author
Charles Laughton (1899–1962) English Stage And Film Actor And Director
Charles Lee, Former U. S. Attorney General
Charles Lefrançois, Canadian High Jumper
Charles Lummis, American Journalist, Poet And Historian
Charles Madrid "dr. Charles", One Of The Founding Fathers Of Sport Compact Racing
Charles Magill Conrad, Former American Secretary Of War
Charles Mathias (1922–2010), American Politician
Charles Mingus, American Jazz Bassist And Composer
Charles Myer, American Baseball Player
Charles Nelson (1931–2007) American Actor, Comedian, Director
Charles Oakley, American Basketball Player
Charles Olson, American Poet
Charles Radbourn (1854–1897), American Professional Baseball Player
Charles Reisner (1887–1962) American Film Director And Actor
Charles Robert Knight (1874 –1953) American Artist
Charles Schulz, Creator Of The Comic Strip Peanuts
Charles Sifford (born 1922) African American Former Professional Golfer
Charles Stanton (1865–1940) American Silent Film Actor
Charles Stewart Parnell, Irish Political Leader
Charles Thomson, Secretary Of The Continental Congress
Charles W. Fairbanks, 26th American Vice President, Under Theodore Roosevelt
Charles Webb, American Author Of The Graduate
Charley Harper (1922–2007) American Modernist Artist