famous people named: edwin M

Edwin Booth (1833–1893) American Actor
Edwin Cassiani, Colombian Boxer
Edwin Centeno, Peruvian Race Walker
Edwin Eugene Aldrin, American Astronaut
Edwin Haslam (born 1932), Physical Organic Chemist And And Author
Edwin Howard Armstrong, American Inventor
Edwin Hubble, American Astronomer For Whom The Hubble Telescope Is Named
Edwin L. Elwood (1847-1907), American Soldier
Edwin Mccain (born 1970) American Singer-songwriter And Musician
Edwin Meese, American Attorney General
Edwin Moses (born 1955) Former American Track And Field Athlete
Edwin Mosquera, Colombian Weightlifter
Edwin N. Hubbell, American Politician
Edwin Orozco, Colombian Road Cyclist
Edwin Starr, (1942–2003) American Soul Music Singer
Edwin Van Der Sar, Dutch Football (soccer) Goalkeeper
Edwin Vurens, Dutch Football (soccer) Player
Edwin Wijeyeratne, Sri Lankan Cabinet Minister