famous people named: gerry B

Jerry Birn (1923–2009), American Television Writer
Jerry Brown, American Politician
Jerry Bruckheimer (born 1943), American Film And Television Producer
Jerry Cantrell (born 1966), American Guitarist And Vocalist
Jerry Clower (1926–1998), American Comedian
Jerry Coleby-williams, Australian Conservationist, Horticulturalist And Plant Curator
Jerry Dolyn Brown (born 1942), American Artist And Traditional Potter
Jerry Garcia (1942–1995), American Guitarist And Vocalist
Jerry Goldsmith (1929–2004), American Composer And Conductor
Jerry Hall (born 1956), American Model And Actress
Jerry Kiernan (born 1953), Irish Long-distance Runner
Jerry Lawler (born 1949), American Musician, Wrestler And Commentator
Jerry Lee Lewis (born 1935), American Singer, Songwriter And Pianist
Jerry Lewis (born 1926), American Actor, Producer, Writer, Director And Singer
Jerry Martin, American Jazz Composer And Video Game Creator
Jerry Mateparae (born 1954), New Zealand Governor-general (new Zealand Defence Force)
Jerry O'connell (born 1974), American Actor
Jerry Orbach (1935–2004), American Actor
Jerry Parr (born 1930), Retired United States Secret Service Agent
Jerry Reed (1937–2008), American Guitarist And Country Singer
Jerry Rice (born 1962), American Player Of American Football
Jerry Seinfeld (born 1954), American Comedian, Actor And Writer
Jerry Sitoe (born 1990), Mozambican Footballer
Jerry Spinelli (born 1941), Writer Of Young Adult Fiction
Jerry Springer (born 1944), American Tv Personality And Former Mayor Of Cincinnati
Jerry Stackhouse (born 1974), American Basketball Player
Jerry Van Dyke (born 1931), American Actor And Comedian
Jerry Weintraub (born 1937), American Film And Television Producer
Jerry West (born 1938), American Basketball Player
Jerry Weyer (born 1986), Luxembourgian Politician
Jerry Yan (born 1977), Taiwanese Actor