Hilarie B


This is a given and family name, derived from the Latin “hilarious” meaning "cheerful, merry", from the Ancient Greek “hilarós (ἱλαρός)”, "cheerful, merry, joyous, glad, happy", which in turn comes from “hī́lāos (ῑ̔́λᾱος)”, meaning "propitious, gracious, merciful, kind, mild, gentle". Saint Hilarion was born in Thabatha, south of Gaza in Syria Palaestina of pagan parents. He successfully studied rhetoric with a Grammarian in Alexandria. It seems that he was converted to Christianity in Alexandria. The name is taken from a character in Greek mythology, Ilaria, daughter of Leucippus and the sister Phoebe. The variant foreign "Hilary" was particularly popular in France, and during the Middle Ages was treated as a masculine name was brought back into fashion in the twentieth century for women. The popularity of Hilary and its variant Hillary seems to be dropped from after Hillary Clinton became the First Lady of the United States.

Hilarie B English