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ōS / ōRIS > ōRō > ōRāTIō > HŏRāTĭUS

This name derives from the Latin noble title “Hŏrātĭus” from “ōrātiō” (speech, discourse, language,the power of speech, manner or style of speaking, oration, eloquence), which in turn derives from “ōrō” (orate, deliver a speech, pray) from “ōs / ōris” (mouth). It may come from the Etruscan “huras”, of uncertain origin. 1) According to Livy, the Horatii were male triplets from Rome. During a war between Rome and Alba Longa during the reign of Tullus Hostilius, it was agreed that settlement of the war would depend on the outcome of a battle between the Horatii and the Curiatii. The Curiatii were male triplets from Alba Longa and of the same age as the Horatii. 2) Publius Horatius Cocles was an officer in the army of the ancient Roman Republic who famously defended the Pons Sublicius from the invading army of Lars Porsena, king of Clusium in the late 6th century BC, during the war between Rome and Clusium.

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