famous people named: jack M

Jack B. Johnson (born 1949), Former Executive For Prince George's County, Maryland
Jack Bernstein (1899–1945), American World Champion Junior Lightweight Boxer
Jack Biskop (1956), Dutch Psychologist And Politician
Jack Bruce (born 1943), Scottish Musician And Songwriter
Jack Casady (born 1944), American Musician And Bass Guitarist
Jack Cassidy (1927–1976) American Actor Of Stage, Film, And Television
Jack Chesbro (1874–1931), Former American Baseball Player
Jack Churchill (1906–1996), English Soldier In World War Ii
Jack Collison (born 1988), Footballer Currently Playing For West Ham United
Jack Conte (born 1984), American Indie Musician, Singer-songer, Multi-instrumentalist
Jack De Vries (born 1968), Dutch Political Consultant And Politician
Jack Dejohnette (born 1942), American Jazz Drummer And Pianist
Jack Dempsey (1895–1983), American Heavyweight Boxer
Jack Dragna (1891–1956), Italian Mobster
Jack Elliott (1871–1938), Welsh Rugby Union Player
Jack Elliott (1927–2001), American Television And Film Composer
Jack F. Matlock, Jr. (born 1929), American Diplomat
Jack Fleming (1924–2001), Former Pittsburgh Steelers And Radio Broadcaster
Jack Freestone (born 1992), Australian Surfer
Jack Hannahan (born 1980), American Baseball Player
Jack Holden (1907–2004), English Long-distance Runner
Jack Hunt (born 1981), American Football Player
Jack Johnson (1878–1946), American Heavyweight Boxer
Jack Johnson (1878–1946), First African-american Heavyweight Boxing World Champion
Jack Johnson (1909– 1978) Professional American Football Player
Jack Johnson (1919–1975) English Professional Footballer
Jack Johnson (1930-2009), Canadian Politician
Jack Johnson (born 1968), American Politician
Jack Johnson (born 1975), American Folk Rock Singer-songwriter, Surfer, Filmmaker And Musician
Jack Johnson (born 1975), American Singer-songwriter, Director, And Surfer
Jack Johnson (born 1987), American Actor
Jack Johnson (born 1987), American Professional Ice Hockey Defenseman
Jack Jones (1860–1936), American Baseball Player
Jack Jones (1866–1931), Walsh International Footballer
Jack Jones (1874–1904), English Football Player
Jack Jones (1884–1970), Welsh Novelist And Playwright
Jack Jones (1886–1951), Welsh International Rugby Union Player
Jack Jones (1891–1948), English Football Player
Jack Jones (1907–1986), Irish Football Player
Jack Jones (1913–2009), British Trade Union Leader
Jack Jones (1924–2011), American Journalist
Jack Jones (1950–1991), American Television Journalist
Jack Jones (born 1888), Australian Rules Footballer For University
Jack Jones (born 1890-), Rugby Union And Rugby League Footballer
Jack Jones (born 1924), Australian Rules Footballer
Jack Jones (born 1938), American Jazz And Pop Singer
Jack Jones (henry Jones) (1894–1962), British Labour Party Member Of Parliament (mp)
Jack Jones (irwin Thomas) (born 1971), Australian Singer And Guitarist
Jack Jones (john Joseph Jones) (1873–1941), British Labour Mp For Silvertown
Jack Kemp (1935–2009), American Republican Nominee For Vice President, 1996
Jack Kevorkian (1928–2011), American Pathologist, Activist, Painter, Author, Composer And Instrumentalist
Jack Kid Berg (judah Bergman) (1909–1991), English World Champion Junior Welterweight
Jack Lambert, American Football Player
Jack Layton (1950-2011), Canadian Politician
Jack Lucien (born 1988), British Singer
Jack Morris (born 1955), Former American Baseball Player
Jack Nicklaus (born 1940), American Golfer
Jack Powell (1860–1947), Welsh Association Footballer
Jack Powell (1874–1944), American Baseball Player
Jack Powell (1882–1941), Welsh Rugby Union Player
Jack Powell (1891-1930), American Baseball Player
Jack Prelutsky (born 1940) American Writer Of Children's Poetry
Jack Russell (1795–1883), English Dog Breeder And Hunter
Jack Russell (1887–1961), English Cricketer
Jack Russell (1904–1995), English Footballer In The 1920s And 1930s
Jack Russell (1905–1990), American Baseball Player
Jack Russell (born 1960), American Lead Singer For The Band Great White
Jack Russell (born 1963), English Cricketer
Jack Russell, 25th Baron De Clifford
Jack Sack (jacob Sacklowsky), American Football Player
Jack Stanton, Southern Governor And Presidential Candidate
Jack Straw (b. 1946), British Politician
Jack Swagger (born 1982), Professional Wrestler
Jack Thompson (born 1951), American Attorney And Anti-video Game Activist
Jack White (born 1975), American Musician
Jack Whitehall (born 1988), British Comedian
Jack Wilshere (born 1992), English Footballer