kaili F


God is the meaning, according to some old Hawaiians. The original God (Akua) was a stone (or gourd) about the size of two fists, bound about with Sennit, and having at the top two feathers from the mythical bird called Hiva-oa, which were secured by prayer. When Kamehameha conquered all the islands, the saying was "E ku kaili moku," that is, "Kaili has risen over the islands." This expression became attached to the image. After the abolition of the Tapu by the chiefs after Kamehameha's death, the keeper of Kaili in Kohala made a canoe and placed the god in it, together with food, Awa, and Tapa cloth. He wept over the god, saying, "O Kaili, here is your canoe, here is food, here is Awa, here is Tapa; go back to Kahiki." Then he set the god adrift on the ocean and by the mana of the god the canoe sailed onward to Kahiki and was never seen again.

kaili F English, Hawaiian
kaʻili F Hawaiian
kaili F English