kendal B


The name means “green woolen cloth”. Kendal, England, is built on both sides of the river Kent, in the dale of the river Kent, hence the town’s name Kendale, shortened to Kendal. Kendal goes back to England’s earliest days. The people of Westmorland County are a mixture of all the peoples who invaded Britain: the Celts, the Romans, the Angles, the Danes, the Saxons, and finally the Norsemen, who left many words which are in daily use in the area such as “fell”, meaning a hill and “thwaite,” a clearing. Kendal is in the Doomsday Book as Cherchbi-Kendal, which means the church by the dale of the Ken. The conquering Normans used the southern form of what is now the word church, while the Scots used the northern form, “kirk,” so the Scots called Kendal Kirkbi-Kendale.

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