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The name is originated from the Gaelic surname MacCoinneach, quite literally meaning “son of Coinneach”. However, since Coinneach means “fair, kind, gentle or handsome”, more creative translations could be "child of the fair or handsome one, child of the wise ruler, child of the bright one, born of fire, fire-born, finely made, favored one, comely, or good looking”. The Mackenzie clan has flourished in Scotland dating back to the 13th Century, at which time Coinneach MacCoinneach (Kenneth son of Kenneth) supposedly held the title of the 3rd Baron of Kintail. Some historians claim that the clan descended from members of the House of Geraldine in Ireland, who had resettled in Scotland in 1261. The name Coinneach or Kenneth later became Mackenzie, with a pronunciation initially resembling “McKenny”.

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