famous people named: kermit M

Kermit Blount (born 1958) American Football Coach
Kermit Cintrón (born 1979) Puerto Rican Boxer
Kermit Driscoll (born 1956) American Jazz Bassist
Kermit Erasmus (born 1990) South African Footballer
Kermit Gosnell (born 1941) American Physician
Kermit Hunter (1910–2001) American Playwright
Kermit Krantz (born 1923), Inventor And Faculty At The University Of Kansas Medical Center
Kermit Love (1916–2008) American Puppeteer, Costume Designer
Kermit Roosevelt I (1889–1943) Son Of U.s. President Theodore Roosevelt
Kermit Roosevelt Iii (born 1971) American Law Professor (university Of Pennsylvania)
Kermit Roosevelt, Jr. (1916–2000), Political Action Officer Of The Central Intelligence Agency's (cia)
Kermit Ruffins (born 1964) American Jazz Trumpeter, Singer And Composer
Kermit Schafer (1914–1979) American Writer And Producer
Kermit Washington (born 1951) American Former Professional Basketball Player