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irish (gaelic)

This name derives from the Irish (Gaelic) “Lochlann” (Norrænt, Norðurlöndin), meaning “one who dwells at the fjord-land”. This was the Irish term for invaders from Scandinavia. Lochlann is a geographical region in Classical Gaelic literature and in the history of Early Medieval Ireland. In the modern Gaelic and Welsh (Llychlyn) languages it signifies Scandinavia, and more specifically Norway. In Irish Gaelic, the adjectival noun "Lochlannach" (person belonging to Lochlann) has the additional sense of "raider", specifically, Vikings. This was the Gaeilge name for Scandinavia but was adopted as a personal name. It may have originally been Mac Lochlainne, meaning "son of Scandinavia". Muircheartach Mac Lochlainn was king of the Cenél nEógain, Tyrone and High King of Ireland from around 1156 until his death in 1166. He succeeded Toirdhealbhach Ua Conchobhair who died in 1156.

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