famous people named: laurence M

Laurence "laurie" Lee (1914–1997), British Poet And Novelist
Laurence Fishburne, American Actor
Laurence Godfrey, British Athlete
Laurence Golborne, Chilean Mining And Energy Minister
Laurence Harvey, Lithuanian-born Actor
Laurence J. Rittenband (1905–1993), American Judge
Laurence Mckeown, Irish Author, Playwright, Screenwriter
Laurence Myers (1858–99), American World-record-setting Runner
Laurence Olivier (1907–1989), British Actor And Director
Laurence Owen, American Figure Skater
Laurence Rochat, Swiss Cross-country Skier
Laurence Tribe, American Professor Of Constitutional Law
Laurence Tureaud, American Actor, Motivational Speaker, Wrestler