famous people named: lindy B

Lindy Berry (born ~1928), American Football Quarterback
Lindy Boggs (born 1916), American Political Figure
Lindy Booth (born 1979), Canadian Actress
Lindy Brill (born 1963), British Actress And Singer
Lindy Burns, Australian Presenter
Lindy Davies (born 1946), Australian Actress
Lindy Dekoven, American Television Executive
Lindy Delapenha (born 1927), Jamaican Football Player
Lindy Fralin, American Guitar Pickup Manufacturer
Lindy Hemming (born 1948), Welsh Costume Designer
Lindy Hou, Australian Tandem Cyclist And Triathlete
Lindy Infante (born 1940), American Football Player And Coach
Lindy Kasperski, Canadian Politician
Lindy Kelly (born 1952), New Zealand Writer
Lindy Layton (born 1970), British Singer
Lindy Leveau-agricole (born 1978), Seychellois Javelin Thrower
Lindy Mcdaniel (born 1935), American Baseball Player
Lindy Miller (born 1956), American Professional Golfer
Lindy Morrison (born 1951), Australian Musician
Lindy Nelson-carr(born 1952), Australian Politician
Lindy Pearson, American Football Player
Lindy Remigino (born 1931), American Track And Field Athlete
Lindy Robbins, American Songwriter
Lindy Rodwell (born 1962), South African Zoologist
Lindy Ruff (born 1960), Canadian Hockey Coach
Lindy Vivas, American Volleyball Player
Lindy West, American Writer