famous people named: mallory F

Mallory Burdette (born 1991), American Tennis Player
Mallory Deluce (born 1989), American Ice Hockey Player
Mallory Ervin (born 1985), Former American Beauty Pageant Titleholder
Mallory Evan Wijesinghe (1918–2002), Sri Lankan Engineer And Entrepreneur
Mallory Factor (born 1950), American Businessman And Political Activist
Mallory Hagan (born 1988), American Beauty Pageant Titleholder
Mallory Horne (1925–2009), American Politician
Mallory Lewis (born 1963), American Puppeteer, Television Producer And Writer
Mallory Low (born 1989), American Actress And Singer
Mallory Reaves (born 1984), American Writer
Mallory Snyder (born 1984), American Model