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mīrari / mīro > Mīrābĭlis > mīrābĭlia > Merveille

This name derives from the pre 9th century Old French locational surname “Merveille and Merveilleux”, from the Latin “mīrābĭlia“, meaning “miracles”, from “Mīrābĭlis”, meaning “wonderful, marvelous, astonishing, extraordinary, glorious, miraculous”, from “mīrari / mīro”, meaning “to look at”, from “mīrus”, meaning “wonderful, amazing, surprising, strange, singular”. Merveilleux (merveille +‎ -eux) is contemporary names for the extravagantly dressed French fops and ‘fine ladies’ of the period of the Directory, who affected a revival of the classical costume of ancient Greece. The Vallée des Merveilles (English: Valley of Marvels), is a part of the Mercantour National Park in southern France. It holds the largest quantity of open-air Bronze Age petroglyphs in Europe, after Val Camonica in Italy, and is given special note for the area's inclusion for the European Diploma of Protected Areas.

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