famous people named: melville M

Melville Arnott (1909–1999) British Academic
Melville Baker (1901–1958) American Screenwriter
Melville Bell Grosvenor (1901–1982) President Of The National Geographic Society
Melville Clyde Kelly (1883–1935) Member Of The U.s. House Of Representatives From Pennsylvania
Melville Cooper (1896–1973), British Stage, Film And Television Actor
Melville Eastham (1885–1964) American Radio Pioneer And Business Executive
Melville Jean Herskovits (1895–1963) American Anthropologist
Melville Leslie Macnaghten (1853–1921) Assistant (crime) Of The London Metropolitan Police
Melville Ruick (born 1898) American Actor
Melville Weston Fuller (1833–1910) Chief Justice Of The United States
Melville Y. Stewart (born 1935) Professor Of Philosophy