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This name derives from the Old French “Noel”, variant “Nael”, from the Latin “nātālis (dĭēs)”, meaning "day of birth, Christ's birthday, Christmas Day", which in turn derives from “nātīvĭtās”, meaning “birth, generation”. This is a name which comes from ethnic and religious tradition and was given for births on December 25, the day of the birth of Christ. This name is found in many languages but is especially common in French, Eastern Europe and English speaking countries. Saint Natalia (Cordova, 852) was martyred in Cordoba in Andalusia, Spain, during the persecution of the Moors, and is venerated as a saint by the Catholic Church. The variant Natalie was popularized in the United States by Natalie Wood (Natal'ja Zacharenko) (1938–1981) an American film and television actress.

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