famous people named: nathan M

Nathan Adrian (born 1988), American Swimmer
Nathan Alterman (1910–1970), Israeli Poet, Journalist, And Translator
Nathan Amos, South African-israeli Rugby Union Player
Nathan Beauregard (1890s–1970), American Musician
Nathan Bedford Forrest (1821–1877), Civil War General In The Confederate Army
Nathan Birnbaum (1864–1937), Austrian Journalist And Jewish Philosopher
Nathan Coe (born 1984), Australian Soccer Player
Nathan Connolly, Lead Guitarist (snow Patrol)
Nathan Einhorn, American Journalist
Nathan Fagan-gayle (born 1986), British Musician
Nathan Fillion (born 1971), Canadian Actor
Nathan Gamble (born 1998), American Actor
Nathan Goff, Jr. (1843–1920), Member Of The Us Congress From West Virginia
Nathan Greene, American Artist
Nathan Hale (1755–1776), American Patriot (spy During The American Revolution)
Nathan Handwerker (1891–1974), Polish-american Entrepreneur
Nathan Hauritz (born 1981), Australian Cricketer
Nathan Jawai (born 1986), Australian Basketball Player
Nathan Jonas Jordison (born 1975), American Drummer
Nathan Kress (born 1992), American Actor
Nathan Lane (born 1956), American Actor
Nathan Mccall (born 1955), American Author
Nathan Militzok (born 1923), American Basketball Player
Nathan Milstein (1903–1992), Ukrainian-american Violinist
Nathan Of Gaza, 17th Century Prophet
Nathan Post (1881–1938), 7th And 10th Governor Of American Samoa
Nathan Robertson (born 1977), English Badminton Player
Nathan Stewart-jarrett (born 1985), British Actor
Nathan Sykes (born 1974) English Retired Rugby League Footballer
Nathan Zach (born 1930), Israeli Poet