Oswynne M


This name is composed of two elements: from the Old English (Anglo-Saxon) “ōs” from the Proto-Germanic “*ansuz” (god, deity) plus the Old English “Wine” (friend), meaning “divine friend, a friend of God, God is my friend, God's friend”. Oswine, Oswin or Osuine († 651) was a King of Deira in northern England. Oswine succeeded King Oswald of Northumbria, probably around the year 644, after Oswald's death at the Battle of Maserfield. Oswine was the son of Osric. His succession, perhaps the choice of the people of Deira, split the Kingdom of Northumbria. Oswiu was the successor of Bernicia to the north. 2) Saint Ansovinus (†840 AD) was a bishop of Camerino. Born in Camerino, he may have been of Lombard origin and was educated at the cathedral school of Pavia. He was a hermit at Castel Raimondo near Torcello.

Oswynne M English