famous people named: paulette F

Paulette Bourgeois (born 1951), Canadian children's author
Paulette Carlson (born 1952), American singer-songwriter
Paulette Cooper (born 1942), American author
Paulette Cruz (born 1989), Mexican beach volleyball player
Paulette Dubost (1910–2011), French stage and film actress
Paulette Duval (1900-†), Argentine-born French/American actress
Paulette Frankl (born 1937), American courtroom artist and author
Paulette Garin (born 1962), American politician
Paulette Goddard (1910–1990), American film actress
Paulette Irons (born 1952), American politician
Paulette Jiles (born 1943), American-Canadian poet and novelist
Paulette McDonagh (1901–1978), Australian film director
Paulette Noizeux (1887–1971), French film and stage actress
Paulette Randall (born 1961), English theatre director
Paulette Reck (born 1968), American beauty pageant contestant
Paulette Schwartzmann (1894–1953), Latvian–French/Argentine chess player
Paulette Steeves (born 1955), Canadian scientist and activist
Paulette Van Roekens (1895–1988), French-American artist
Paulette Zang Milama (born 1987), Gabonese track and field sprint athlete