Pressley B

présbus > presbúteros > presbyter lēah

This name composed of two elements: from late Latin “presbyter”, from Ancient Greek “presbúteros (πρεσβύτερος)” from “présbus (πρέσβυς)”, meaning “elder, older” plus “lēah” (a woodland, a clearing “especially one used for farming”, a meadow). In turn the name means “wise farmer”. It is both a surname and a given name. The name made its way across the border to that country, then on to Ireland and to the United States. The surname came to prominence in the person of Elvis Presley, the American music icon, but the surname appertaining to him is documentable not to be a British Presley / Pressley / Pressly of any similar spelling, but rather a Preslar / Presler, from what is now present-day Germany.

Pressley B English