raissa F


The origin of this name is still today quite uncertain. The theories include: 1) From the Ancient Greek term “rhâion (ῥᾷον)”, meaning “more relaxed”; the name is sometimes transliterated as Raissa or Raïssa. 2) From the Ancient Greek “radïos (ραδϊος) reïstos (ρεϊστος)”, meaning “carefree, frivolous”. 3) From the Arabic “Raisat”, meaning “the boss, the leader”. It is a title often used in the countries of Arab culture. 4) A Yiddish name, written in Yiddish, meaning "rose" (the flower); his nickname is Raisel; in this case has the same meaning of Rosa and Rhoda.

raissa F English
raÍssa F Portuguese, Portuguese (brazilian)
Raïssa F French