regia F

RēX > RēGIS > RēGīNA

This name has the meaning similar to Malika and Rhiannon. Spread among Christians since the beginning, reflecting the cult of "Mary Queen", one of the names of the Vergin Mary. For the same reason became common in England in the Middle Ages, only to be revived in the nineteenth century. The male form was coined in the nineteenth century from the Latin “rex”, meaning “king, regent”. In turn, this name derives From the Proto-Indo-European “*herḗǵs” (ruler, king). Cognates include Sanskrit “rājan” (king) and Old Irish “rí” (king). The name rarely bestowed on children today. The King of Rome (Rex Romae), was the chief magistrate of the Roman Kingdom. Early Rome was not self-governing and was ruled by the king (Rex), sometimes from a nearby Etruscan city-state.

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