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This name derives from the Norman French surname "De Sacheverell", meaning “roebuck leap”. The Sacheverell riots were a series of outbreaks of public disorder, which spread across England during the spring, summer and autumn of 1710 in which supporters of the Tories attacked Dissenters', particularly Presbyterians' homes and meeting-houses, whose congregations tended to support the Whigs. Sir Sacheverell Reresby Sitwell (1897–1988) was an English writer, best known as an art critic, music critic and writer on architecture, particularly the baroque. Dame Edith Sitwell and Sir Osbert Sitwell were his older siblings. The name of Sacheverell still appears among the Christian names of several of the Derbyshire families. Let us hope that some who claim the right to thus use the name may see that these fine tombs are not permitted to deteriorate.

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