shelbie B

old norse

The given name and surname is derived from “Selby”, a town and civil parish in north Yorkshire, England. The town’s origins date from the establishment of a Viking settlement on the banks of the river Ouse. The place is a native of a Viking colony therefore seems to be of Norse origin. The name was popularized as a feminine name by the main character in the movie “The Woman in Red” (1935). It was later reinforced by the movie “Steel Magnolias” (1989) in which Julia Roberts played a character by this name. In Great Britain 1.640 people share the surname Shelby according to our estimation. Surname Shelby is the 5.112nd most common in Great Britain. More than 5% people whose name is Shelby live in Angus county. Shelby in this case is the 66th surname.

shelbie B English