famous people named: tabitha F

Tabitha Ann Holton, First Woman Licensed As A Lawyer In U.s.
Tabitha Babbitt (~1784–1853), American Toolmaker, Inventor Of The Circular Saw
Tabitha Brown (1780–1858), American Pioneer Emigrant
Tabitha D'umo, American Dance Teacher, Choreographer, And Creative Director
Tabitha Fringe (born 1977), American Activist
Tabitha Gilman (1762–1837), American Author
Tabitha King (born 1949), American Author And Activist And Wife Of Stephen King
Tabitha Lupien (born ~1988), Canadian Actress And Competitive Dancer
Tabitha Nauser (born 1992), Singaporean Pop-r&b Singer And Artist
Tabitha Soren (born 1967), American Reporter For Mtv News
Tabitha St. Germain, Canadian Stage Actress And Voice Actress
Tabitha Stevens (born 1970), American Adult Actress
Tabitha Suzuma (born 1975), British Writer
Tabitha Wady (born 1976), British Actress
Tabitha Yim (born 1985), Korean American Artistic Gymnast