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This name derives from the Ancient Greek name “Timótheos (Τιμόθεος)”, composed of two elements: “tīmḗ ‎(τῑμή) timáō ‎(τιμάω)” (to pay honor to, to hold in honor, treat honorably, to honor, revere, worship, esteem) plus “theós ‎(θεός)” (divine, a deity, a god, God). In turn, the name means “In God's honor, honored by God, honoring God”. Saint Timothy was the first first-century Christian bishop of Ephesus, whom tradition relates died around the year AD 97. The New Testament indicates that Timothy traveled with Saint Paul, who was also his mentor. He is addressed as the recipient of the epistles to Timothy. It is a common name in several countries, including non-English speaking ones. Pope Timothy II of Alexandria was the Patriarch of Alexandria for the Orthodox Church and the pope to the Coptic Orthodox Church (457–477). He was elected and consecrated after the death of the exiled Dioscorus of Alexandria in 454 by the Miaphysite opponents of the Council of Chalcedon and immediately went into hiding.

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