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The name Tyrone comes from “tír eoghain” (modern county Tyrone), one of the six counties of Northern Ireland. Eoghan in Irish and Scottish Gaelic is a form of "Eugene" and “Owen”, and the name is linked to the roots: (tír eoghain) and (Eugénios). Éogan mac Durthacht is king of Fernmag (Farney, county Monaghan) in the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology. At the feast given by Mac Da Thó, Cet mac Magach relates how he blinded Eogan's eye by casting back the spear that struck his shield. Eógan mac Néill son of Niall Noígiallach, was an Irish king who founded the kingdom of Ailech, later Tír Eoghain (modern County Tyrone) in the 5th century.

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