famous people named: ulric M

Ulric Browne, British Actor
Ulric Dahlgren (1842–1864), Union Army Colonel
Ulric Ellerhusen (1879–1957), German-american Sculptor And Teacher
Ulric Guttinguer (born 1866), French Novelist
Ulric Haynes (born 1931), Former United States Ambassador To Algeria
Ulric I Of Carniola († 1070), Margrave Of Carniola And Carinthia From 1045
Ulric Ii Of Carniola († 1112), Margrave Of Istria And Carniola From 1098
Ulric Manfred Ii Of Turin (born 1034), Count Of Turin And Margrave Of Susa
Ulric Neisser (born 1928), American Psychologist
Ulric Nisbet (1897–1987), British Writer