famous people named: val F

Val A. Browning (1895–1994), American Industrialist, And Philanthropist
Val Ackerman (born 1959), American Attorney
Val Doonican (born 1927), Irish Singer
Val Gielgud (1900–1981), English Actor, Writer, Director And Broadcaster
Val Guest (1911–2006), British Film Director
Val Harris (1884–†), Irish Football And Gaelic Football Player
Val Kilmer (born 1959), American Actor
Val Lewton (1904–1951), American Film Director
Val Mayerik (born 1950), American Comic-book And Commercial Artist
Val Mcdermid (born 1955), Scottish Crime Novelist
Val Peterson (1903–1983), American Politician And 26th Governor Of Nebraska
Val Valentino (born 1956), American Magician, Illusionist, And Actor