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italic (sabines)

This name derives from the Latin root: Vălēre > Vălĕrĭus and ultimately from the Italic (Sabine) “Volesus / Volusus”, meaning “to be strong, be healthy, strong, vigorous and brave“. The holy women martyrs Kyriake, Kaleria (Valeria), and Mary lived in Palestinian Caesarea during the persecution under Diocletian in the third century. Having received instruction in the Christian Faith, they abandoned paganism, settled in a solitary place and spent their lives in prayer, beseeching the Lord that the persecution against Christians would come to an end, and that the Faith of Christ would shine throughout the entire world. Valerian, also known as Valerian the Elder, was Roman Emperor from 253 to 259. He was taken captive by Persian king Shapur I after the Battle of Edessa, becoming the only Roman Emperor who was captured as a prisoner of war, causing instability in the Empire.

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