famous people named: walter M

Walter Baxter (1915–1994), English Novelist
Walter Bruce Willis (born 1955), German-born American Actor, Producer, And Singer
Walter Cronkite (1916–2009), American Journalist
Walter Crucce, Argentine Boxer
Walter Dean Myers, Author
Walter Disney, American Film Producer
Walter Fitz Gilbert Of Cadzow, Scottish Nobleman
Walter Gropius, German Architect
Walter Johnson, American Baseball Player
Walter Kirn, American Author
Walter Koenig (born 1936), American Actor
Walter Matthau (1920–2000), American Actor
Walter Mondale, Vice President Of The United States
Walter Niephaus, German Chess Master
Walter Of Serviliano, Italian Hermit, Abbot And Saint
Walter Payton, American Football Player
Walter Pedraza, Colombian Road Cyclist
Walter Pidgeon (1897–1984) Canadian-american Actor
Walter Schreifels, American Musician
Walter Scott, Scottish Novelist And Poet
Walter Shaw Sparrow (1862–1940), British Writer On Art And Architecture
Walter Smith, Scottish Football Player And Manager
Walter Whitman, American Poet, Journalist, Essayist And Humanist
Walter Zapp (1905–2003), German Inventor