famous people named: wandy F

Wendy Allen (born 1944) Former American Alpine Skier
Wendy Beckett, Nun And Tv Presenter On Art History
Wendy Bell, News Anchor For Wtae-tv
Wendy Boglioli, American Swimmer
Wendy Brown, American Heptathlete
Wendy Carlos, American Musician And Composer
Wendy Craig (born 1934), British Actress
Wendy Crewson (born 1956) Canadian Actress And Producer
Wendy Cruz, Dominican Republic Cyclist
Wendy Dascomb, American Model
Wendy Divine, American Adult Actress
Wendy Doniger, American Writer
Wendy Fitzwilliam, Trinidadian Miss Universe 1998
Wendy Fuller, Canadian Diver
Wendy Hiller, English Film And Stage Actress
Wendy Holden, British Journalist And Author
Wendy Holdener, Swiss Alpine Skier
Wendy Hurrell (born 1982), British Weather Presenter
Wendy James (born 1966) English Singer-songwriter
Wendy Kaufman, Television Personality
Wendy Lawrence, American Astronaut And Engineer
Wendy Lucero, American Diver
Wendy M. Masiello (born 1958) Deputy Assistant Secretary For Contracting
Wendy Makkena (born 1963) American Actress
Wendy Melvoin (born 1964) American Guitarist And Singer-songwriter
Wendy Mesley (born 1957) Canadian Television Host And Reporter
Wendy O. Williams (1949–1998), American Musician And Lead Singer (the Plasmatics)
Wendy Palmer, American Basketball Player And Basketball Coach
Wendy Pepper (born 1964) American Fashion Designer
Wendy Richard (1943-2009), British Actress
Wendy Richter, American Wrestler
Wendy Robie (born 1953) American Actress
Wendy Siorpaes, Italian Alpine Skier
Wendy Sulca, Peruvian Singer
Wendy Toye (1917-2010), British Actress And Filmmaker
Wendy Turnbull, Australian Tennis Player
Wendy Whelan, New York City Ballet Principal Dancer
Wendy Williams Hunter (born 1964) American Media Personality, Actress And Author.
Wendy Windham, American Showgirl
Wendy Wyland (1964-2003), American Diver