famous people named: wilmer M

Wilmer Aguirre (born 1983), Peruvian Football Player
Wilmer Allison (1904–1977), American Tennis Player
Wilmer Cabrera (born 1967), Colombian Football Player
Wilmer Carter (born 1941), American Politician
Wilmer Crisanto, Honduran Football Player
Wilmer D. Elfrink, American Football And Basketball Coach
Wilmer Fields (1922–2004), American Baseball Player
Wilmer Kousemaker (born 1985), Dutch Footballer
Wilmer L. Barrow (1903–1975), American Electrical Engineer
Wilmer López (born 1971), Costa Rican Football Player
Wilmer Mclean (1814–1882), American Wholesale Grocer
Wilmer Mizell (1930–1999) American Baseball Player
Wilmer Ruperti (born 1960), Venezuelan-born Shipping Business Magnate
Wilmer Stultz (1899–1929), American Pilot
Wilmer Valderrama (born 1980), American Actor And Television Personality
Wilmer Vasquez (born 1981), Venezuelan Boxer
Wilmer Velásquez (born 1972), Honduran Football Player
Wilmer W. Tanner (born 1909), American Zoologist